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Ask Clark #27 - Do flying squirrels go south for the winter?
Clark talks about flying squirrels and the brand new expansion to the squirrel refuge that was previously an old car dump.

Jason's Book Club #02 - Ready Player One
Jason discusses the reasons he wasn't too fond of the Steven Spielberg adaptation of Ernest Cline's Novel: Ready Player One.

SPOILERS #02 - Avengers: Infinity War
Jason and Anna just go ahead and spoil Avengers: Infinity War. All the deaths, all the stupid plot devices and that thing after the credits.

Amity Show #02 - The Musical
Amity and her dad sing about coconuts, discuss your favorite batman character and of course - corn.

3 Questions #02 - Cucumber Itch
Jason and Anna explore the produce aisle and ponder an annoying itch.

Trivia Show #01 - Edward Norton
Anna is a big Edward Norton fan, but does she know enough Norton Trivia to go 10 for 10 on this episode of Trivia Show?

Tasty Test #188 - Kettle Corn Oreos, Pina Colada Oreos and Cherry Cola Popping Oreos
The Tasty Test crew try out the new My Oreo Creation flavors for 2018. Kettle Corn, Pina Colada and Cherry Cola with Popping Candy.

Tasty Test #189 - Tillamook Ice Cream - Creamy PB&J, Monster Cookie and Buttered Maple Pancakes
The Tasty Test Crew and a PORG try out three new flavors from Tillmaook Ice Cream.

THE little SHOW #02 - SOLO
Jason, Elliot and Anna SPOIL Solo: a star Wars story.

Happy / Grumpy #01 - The Canadian Girlfriend
Happy and Grumpy are video pen pals - they exchange their first letters about cats, girlfriends and babysitting.

Dad Tested #01 - Justice Unicorn Face Mask
After accompanying his daughter to Justice; Jason decided he needed to put some of these -Beauty Products- to the test.

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THE little SHOW #01 - Infinity WAR
Anna and Jason review Avengers: Infinity War (Spoiler Free)

POP Fight #1 - Katy Miley Adele Taylor
Jason and Elliot work together to determine who is queen between Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Adele and Taylor Swift.

Amity Show #01 - Squirrel Corn Fire
Amity and her dad talk about bears, star wars and build a fire for squirrels from old corn cobs.

LOElliot #1 - Unfortunate Events
Elliot and her mom talk about season 2 of "A Series of Unfortunate Events" on Netflix.

SPOILERS #01 - The Last Jedi
Jason, Elliot and Anna SPOIL The Last Jedi. They talk about what worked and what parts were pointless. They also do their best Mary Poppins impersonation.

POPScopes #1 - Your Pop Culture Horoscope
It's a good day to be a Vadorian.

Hometown News #01 - Pikachu Car Crash
Top Stories: Ducks in a parking lot, child drivers and a Pikachu Car Crash. Jason has your updated forecast and an apology.

Jason's Book Club #01 - John Scalzi
Jason discusses 5 John Scalzi Books.

3 Questions #01 - Spider Coffin
Jason and Anna each have 3 mystery questions that they ask each other on the spot.

Tasty Test: Super Cereal Challenge [187]
The Tasty Test crew tries out 3 crazy kinds of cereal to determine -- WHICH IS THE WORST?

Cooking the Internet #01 - Circus Animal Cheesecake
Anna attempts to make So Yummy's Circus Animal Cheesecake. Will she rise to the challenge?

11 Videos Available on Patreon!

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